Yogan Müller

Olympiazentrum, 1972 ; Munich, Germany, October 2011

Connolystraße 31, September the 5th, 1972 during the Summer Olympics. Israeli athletes and coaches were kidnapped. Failed rescue attempts led to a dramatic outcome: 11 people were killed.

Today the former Olympic village accommodates students in rather rational dorms they call themselves ''bunkalows'' (i.e., bunker+bungalow). They live with the dreadful backdrop of an event that occurred when all the eyes in the world were drawn to München.

This rather modest body of work was created in the course of a five-day workshop under the patronage of Magnum Photos in October 2011.

Inspired by our tutor Thomas Dworzak, who encouraged me to find depictions of the aforementioned event, I was drawn to surfaces, reflections, forms and moods which go along with memory.