Yogan Müller


Born January 1st 1987, Yogan Müller is a landscape scholar, photographer and educator.

This academic year 2019-2020, he is a Visiting Scholar and Visiting Lecturer at UCLA (department of Design Media Arts).

In November 2018 he graduated from a practice-based PhD in landscape photography and epistemology from the ENSAV La Cambre and the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. He shows how photography was instrumental in making us enter the geological picture of the Anthropocene.

Iceland is where he did most of his field work between 2012 and 2017. The landscape of the Reykjanes peninsula served as a proving ground for his practice-based doctoral thesis.

His keen interest in and understanding of our changing landscape translates into his photography and in a series of personal commitments.

He has worked part-time for Mona Kuhn Studio in Los Angeles.

Teaching experience

2020: Desma 160, Special Topics, "Anthropocene and Digitization", Fall quarter, TA: Alvaro Azcárraga, DMA, UCLA. Browse the class website.
2020: Desma 154, Word and Image, "For Good Measure", Spring quarter, co-taught with Pr. Dr. Rebeca Méndez, TA: Zeynep Abes, DMA, UCLA. Browse the class website.
2020: Desma 404, Visiting MFA tutorial, Winter quarter, DMA, UCLA.
2020: Desma 173, Special Topics in Visual Communication and Image, "Landscape Photography and Energy", TA: Erin Cooney, DMA, UCLA. Browse the class website.

Awards, accolades, workshops

2019: Bourse du talent #80 (Espace Architecture Paysage), finalist, Paris, France.
2017: Alice et David van Buuren fund, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.
2011: Special prize, Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, Bordeaux, France.
2011: FotoDoks photography festival workshop under the patronage of Thomas Dzorwak (Magnum Photos), October 12th-October 16th, Munich, Germany.
2009: Masterclass workshop under the patronage of Stuart Franklin (Magnum Photos), Noorderlicht photography festival, Groningen, The Netherlands.
2009: City of Bordeaux Cultural Fund, France.
2008: Magnum Photos masterclass workshop, University of Brighton, United Kingdom.
2007: French student photographer of the year, 3rd prize, Paris, France.

Artist residencies

2018: Cheval noir, May and June, Brussels, Belgium.
2017: SÍM, September and October, Reykjavík, Iceland.
2016: AIRE, March, Dexia Art Center, Brussels, Belgium.
2015: ISELP, November and December, Brussels, Belgium.
2013: NES, April-June, Skagastrond, Iceland.
2012: SCRIME, December 2011 and January 2012, University of Bordeaux, France.
2011: SÍM, January-April, Reykjavík, Iceland.


2009: Magnum Photos, February and March, London, UK.
2006: Agence France Press, January and August, Paris and Bordeaux, France.


Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF), Paris, France.
Galerie Été 78, Brussels, Belgium.